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Scholarship Prizes

One Scholarship Prize Worth $2,000 USD

North America Scholarships

students must be studying in the united states or canada

Scholarship Awards for 2020

Students must be working towards a degree in business or engineering

Sean Glasser welcomes students studying Business and Engineering in the U.S and Canada to apply to his 2020 scholarship program. As an entrepreneur, Sean knows how difficult it can be to pursue business ventures at such a young age. With some financial assistance, Sean hopes he can relieve the pressure of paying for school, and free up some time for students to pursue their careers. Scholarship applications are being accepted until May 28, 2020. The winner will be announced on May 30, 2020.


Sean Glasser

Sean Glasser is the founder and CEO of BLUETRACK Inc., which prints promotional products for companies. With hopes of becoming an FBI agent and pursuing his Criminal Justice degree, Sean Glasser opened a small e-commerce site his sophomore year of college with only $600. He grew it while in school and upon graduation added a print shop with a college friend. Eventually, BLUETRACK expanded from only selling light-up products to becoming one of the world’s leading sources of stress balls. The company eventually acquired the domain and built a loyal base of 40,000 customers, including big names like Google, Nike, Netflix, and Disney among others. The company is continuing to expand its offerings and will be opening a new corporate headquarters in Montclair, New Jersey in late 2020.

Sean Glasser


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“I have always been entrepreneurial. In high school, I created a Geometry study guide to help my fellow students prepare for the SAT and would sell them for $12 each. I didn’t really plan to open a business at first, though.”

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